You Ripple Through Me

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You Ripple Through Me

 by Ninja Clown

I love laying all squished up into you
My face melting into yours
Rivers of sweat along the valleys of skin
Between where you end
And where I begin

I love laying in the heaviness of your exhales
Steaming over me like fresh morning fog
Taking over the mountains,
Clouds of warmth
I can’t see through but I can
I only feel you.

I love when you turn
And you don’t let me fall away
You lead my body to follow
And fall back upon you
Draping your back
Like a cape around your neck
I promise to cover and protect you.

I love when you come rolling back around
Like a monster steamroller
And you smother me with your next to feather weight
As I wait to catch my breath
Until I fall back unconscious.

I love when you kiss along my neck
With a tickling effect
Sizzling sensations through my skin
Wake me up again, cause
I like when you wake me.
You’re like a shock wave
You ripple through my whole body❣

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