Woe to he Who is Imperfect

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Woe to he who is Imperfect @ Loudink

Woe to he Who is Imperfect

By MessenJah

Forget the bad times from the bad times

What are they for?!

Subtract the good times, they aren’t in the equation

Greater than or lesser than? Wonder which side is the sign is facing

Woe to he who is imperfect


The doctrine of empowerment, the theology of success

The dogma that a dog must have barked out after playing fetch

With Qoheleth, during his sermon of surpassing,

Enduring his teaching of better, so this is me pursuing a preaching on envy


You see the mission is to be the best, the bestest,

More best than the best there is, the best there was, the best there will ever be

But the best you’ll never be

Because by trying to be the best you automatically forfeit your bestness


Bird’s eye view over the crowd pullers,

just a distant eagle eye because I’m shia (shyer) than laboeuf

I scout my prey with talons of jealousy so I fish them out of the waters of what they do

Because no one deserves wider oceans of people than the ones I pull


No one should grace stages I haven’t graced

No one should do things I’ve never done

Its all fun and games till one becomes a pro at the game,

Teaches the teacher and leads the leader


I’m a busy bumble bee, I transform hard work so all my non existent haters will see

That I am at the optimum of my prime despite my young age, just look at Nasty C

I wanna be the Mbappe of poetry, push so I can be signed by PSG

But I keep pushing in all the wrong places like when you contract an STD


I want progress to pause, I’m a gifted turtle that wants to catch up

But nowadays seems theres no kalulu willing to take a nap

No kalulu is ready to stop watching their favourite series so I can catch up

But I’m a ninja turtle on the second episode while every other kalulu is on the second season

And nobody deserves to be ahead of me, or at least my envious Master Splinter didn’t give me a reason, but he told me:







He told me, “Cheer for the right team when in the bleachers and stands

“Haters will always hate, envy is the same when you can’t stand

“The progress of others, accomplishments of brothers”

For envy had me in crutches asking “Why does he get what I want before I do?”


I confused the standard of my life, I used men as a litmus paper

But Christ is the standard, and He gave me the marking key with the question paper

He grants me ability that’s undeserved, I was reserved for grace poured out from the reserves

He put me in the first team so I don’t have to sit on the bench with reserves


Cloaked in my pain, cloaked and daggers stick out of my heart

I immediately bless the person I envy and don’t give that nasty Enemy a head start

They say run your race, but that’s the problem, its not a race

Neither is it a marathon, why does running have to be involved?


Walk with me… If you’re ahead of me I’ll follow your tracks

and add them to my playlist: Walking music

Headsets plugged in, zoned out, not minding how far or how fast I am

All that matters is that I reach where I’m headed

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