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Bwalya Milunga of ConQuest Debuts his 1st Single W.I.D.U

W.I.D.U is short for When I Don’t Understand Produced by Legend’son (Cleiry Kapembwa)

Life is complicated. Life is hard. Life can seem like a maze sometimes, and we are all trying to find our way. Also, we wrestle with pain, doubt, confusion and depression. I’m sure you know what it is like when it feels like peace is something you have to actively go out to look for so you can find it. I’ve been on this life journey myself; there’s so much I’ve experienced and gone through that it has made me introspective and sometimes surprised. Of late, I lost some friends to death unexpectedly. I’ve gone through emotional turmoil and quite frankly, I sometimes don’t understand why certain things happen. All in all, I’m still breathing today, and what you’ll hear is my heart and me sharing my art with you. More about WIDU





  1. Daniel Ngoma - 11 October 2018 21:23

    This is awesome!!!

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  3. Wilson maimba - 14 October 2018 14:23

    That’s a very awesome song woow????????Hands down brah


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