Valentine in black

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Valentine in black. artwork

Valentine in black

by Huldah Hams

As the creeping dark of the one so loved valentine slowly settled in,
so did the numerous voice’s that gave me a fright as they slowly diminished away into the dark.
In as much as my heart got possessed with your care it choose to limp with your absence.

As the numerous red dresses passed through my street; all they did was remind me of my bleeding heart.
The teddy bears I wished not to hug for they reminded me of the monster beneath my bed.
And because your hugs were more than enough.
The kisses were nothing but thorns piercing through my lips,
The chocolate was nothing but a poison in a sweet cover.

I ripped my heart out and left it at thy door step because the way the light shines on your door step was always welcoming.
And all I could carry was a shadow of your image, and you in black.
Black defining me unknowingly and the dark, a reminder of your rebellion.

When they walked hand in hand, I walked my dog.
When they were chosen as their valentine, my dog choose me to give it food.
When they received cards and flowers, I received a lick on my face.
I don’t know how but its tongue licked its way through the corners of my dark so loved valentine.

It’s not me
But we didn’t grow up, we grew in.
And it’s not that you took what I had created but it got lost in translation.

Rejected silently in a day of love.
But hugged by the sun
And kissed by the wind.

It was my perfect valentine.
But only in black.

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