Twas Just Another Saturday

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Twas Just Another Saturday

By Messenjah

Twas just another Saturday for this dorky dreamer

Nervous, clapping of his knees and shaking his femurs.

About to set foot on a stage as a speaker before the public,

Sharing ideas with a type of charisma many would covet.

Gaining on converts, his listeners convert as their minds converse

With the dialogue of the speaker who was rocking a pair of converse.

Wingling the conscience of everyone who attended the conference,

But there was a lady in the crowd was taking offence.


Twas just another Saturday for this heartbroken miss,

Only on this Saturday she thought this conference was one she can’t miss.

She dressed up looking in the mirror wondering if she was a hit or a miss.

But she couldnt help but think of the heartbreaker she missed,

She remembered it was on a Saturday when they first kissed.

First hug, first date, this seventh day was the first day she hated to reminsce,

She got herself together walked out go catch a bus,

When she was bumped into by a guy was seemingly in a rush.


Twas just another Saturday for the guy who speeding,

Ms Heartbroken screamed at him for being careless but didnt know he was bleeding,

He apologised and rushed away, back to his overspeeding,

His first impression of her was she angry and didn’t know proper greetings.

When I said he was bleeding I didnt mean it in a literal sense,

Just that on Saturdays white stains made this guy’s trousers a mess.

He wanted it to be different so he went to church for the best,

Hoping to meet the priest and talk about sins he wanted to confess.

Stopped by his office door, knocked, got in and met the priest,

Said he wanted to do confession while rolling up his sleeves,

The priest led him through the process and where he missed he added,

Then the guy said, “Father forgive me for I am a porn addict.”


Twas just another Saturday when the priest welcomed this man,

Getting a glimpse of his past certainly wasnt on his day’s plan,

This man’s confession was a reminder of his own sins,

How he watched naked twirling girls on his phone screen.

Wiped the history and absolved himself so he could preach at Mass,

Look perfect for the congregation hoping his habits will pass,

He knew he wasnt supposed to and he had no one to cry to,

I mean its hard to vulnerable when people around are looking up to you.


Twas just another Saturday when this man was absolved,

He left the priest’s office hoping all his were problems were solved,

He went over to a shop to get something that would fill his tummy a little

Stood in line with a guy viewing pics of the lady he bumped into.


Twas just another Saturday for this guy in the queue,

Looking at the pictures of what him and his ex had been through,

He knew he hurt her bad and she hated him for it,

She thought he was happy because his life moved forward.

It hurt him that she thought she didnt care for her,

I mean he was in an eating place looking at pictures of her,

He placed his order and while he waited he took a trip to the bathroom,

Stood by a urinal that happened to next to the guy who

Was speaking at a conference and looking nervous and shaky,

So Mr Heartbreaker said a couple words stop making act crazy.


Twas just another Saturday for the dorky dreamer

He felt the words of Mr Heartbreaker affirm him as a leader,

He was ready to speak on the topic he prepared for the day,

Which was: “We all interact with people hurt in some way.”

Some show it and others hide it, some hurts coincide with

Emotional wounds that seem like we can’t triumph.

Emotional wounds thats have scars on our hearts

But if we were a lil more compassionate maybe we could be parts

Of someone’s healing and not hurt them some more,

Show them humanity is capable of doing a little more.

But some people buried in regrets may see this as disrespect

Maybe that’s why Ms Heartbroken took offence.

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