The Beggars at Sango Market

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The Beggars at Sango Market by Zoe Loudink Poems

The Beggars at Sango Market

The Beggars at Sango Market by Zoe


On weekdays, I never sight see

For I was always weary

From the long ride home.


But on weekends,

My eyes like an eagle’s

Darts left and right

Searching for an interesting sight.


On that Saturday at the market,

My roaming eyes

Rested on the beggars,

Sited on the muddy floor beside the pepper sellers,

Who seemed to detest their presence

For they constantly yelled at them.


I watched the beggars,

Heads wrapped in white clothes

And for a moment,

They looked like three wise men,

Carrying bowls of goods

That are never sold but paid for.

Oh! They sell prayers too

Even before you buy them.


Their clothes appeared to be

Smeared with mud,

And I wondered if their hands

Ached from holding their palms for so long.


I wondered if their backs

Hurt from staying in a rigid position for hours.


After dropping a penny in their bowls,

I went home thinking

Of the beggars at Sango Market.

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