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beyond her eyes - Poem @ Loudink


By Matambo Andrea B “I had no program in the Citie; I only came to see you, Sweetie.” Felt right to toss reason off the window And make love to this doll right on my door.   Patiently peruse pages in a Poet’s diary. We just landed on the shoreRead More »

Spotlight @ loudink


Phinix  Gives us Spotlight   Listen   or ● Spotlight Lyrics Star gazing, stars are blazing but I can feel my inner star fading Constellations and Galaxies seldom see my mortal sovereignty, it’s crazy Immaturity dies out by deliberate action and not age, I urge you in all honesty Pride isRead More »

Fearless @ Loudink


by Chisala Kataya   A black princess, fearless as she is. She a leather skinned woman because she was tougher than most. She brown skinned and lovely, Knows she’s more than worthy, Doesn’t let any man tell her she’s lost. Doesn’t walk on egg shells to satisfy Facebook comments orRead More »

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