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IT by CZAR-INKS When it came, It forced isolation Tore us apart forbade correlation It corrupted our norms It forced us to stay in our homes No soccer, no parties, closed bars We are like caged birds that forgot how to fly in open skies When it came, It forcedRead More »

Dear-future-wife artwork

Dear Future Wife

By Benjamin Ngwira Dear future wife I wrote this for you on a sunny day, Mind flowing with emotion at the thought of you. I smiled so brightly the sun had to ask “why are you out shinning me”. My response was “I just found my queen of the mostRead More »

Pandora's box @ loudink.net

Pandora’s Box

by Edward Ukwimi I will write you butterflies So that you can teach them That flying is not always away And love doesn’t always mean heart breaks. You are convinced that love must be a bad tutor Because everyone that tried to love you Was so bad at it ThatRead More »

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