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Sunset @loudink Poem Art




Let’s gaze upon the sky and behold it turn from dawn to dusk.

Let’s talk about silly things…

Things that have made us cherish every moment we have spent on this land.


Earth, I call it!


As time moves forward, let’s rewind our brain to the time we were young.

The moments we teased each other due to our childish ways.

But I guess those are the ones to keep…


Stored up in a box called memory.


Relieving every bit of it as we rekindle our friendship.

A friendship that begun with misunderstanding of behaviour.

But hey, I guess our behaviour is alike.

Like a time capsule let’s stand in the midst of a closet called time


And pause it for a while.


For moments like this are rare to make.

As we watch the sun move to its resting place.

As its beauty colours the essence of the sky.

Remember that it is under this sunset


That memories were made, rekindled and cherished forever.

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