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Spotlight @ loudink

Spotlight Lyrics

Star gazing, stars are blazing but I can feel my inner star fading

Constellations and Galaxies seldom see my mortal sovereignty, it’s crazy

Immaturity dies out by deliberate action and not age, I urge you in all honesty

Pride is but a knife to the wrist, a bullet to the aorta, I ought to tell you to bend the knee


As the hour goes by, what’s ours falls dry

I have been given the sky so just like time, watch the Phinix fly;

I am a shooting star out of ammunition so I reload and shoot for the moon, leaving behind no casings

There’s now more of us about the Trinity and Infinity over your Morpheus and Matrix


I knew growth started to take place when I no longer desired the spotlight

A star does not desire the spotlight.. It is the spotlight

Tell me, how much of that negative energy from them has rubbed off on you and your destiny

Because Mediocrity is like Manchester City, it surely loves company.

It’s priceless how you are the president of your vices

Here’s one way to solve them

Stop blaming what’s happening around you and understand that you are your biggest problem


Born in sin, it’s all I’ve ever known

Trust me I done tried this and that

But it’s all I’ve ever shown

So I’m sick and tired of trying to be fixed, rewired

Such a burden, see…

The broken wings of the bird in me turned burgundy..

Now tell me,

If I robbed a greedy man of fast food and gave one beggar that burger, is it really burglary?


How will they know my floor is shined if my house is darker this time?

How will they know I’m truly back if they disregard my spine?

How will they know that I breathe fire if they always force cold water down my throat?

Maybe the smoke will be a hope but until then it’s just a thought.


Life is not meant to be fair,

The fighter that lives on is he who is in it for more than the thrill.

Make a deal with yourself to deal with self.. Now that’s a self-made deal


The King’s coming back, best believe this news alert

To separate sheep from goats.. Guess that’s when we’ll really know your wool’s worth..


So I’m coming after what’s mine I won’t take no for an answer

Rumor has it that my issues where the tumour but apparently I’m a Virgo.. So I’ve never been the cancer!


I don’t know about you but I’m tired of mediocrity

I’m done accepting lower standards in the name of humility

At first some think I’m shy but then they see me in beast mode

Some take me as a joke but stop laughing when I unleash these flows

Some just hate but stop when they see the lava inside my throat

I’ve seen opinions changing.. Man, this art is like a remote


No such thing as idle lessons, I learnt that as an adolescent.

Took losses turned them to lessons,

Filled buckets with tears, depressing,

But I’m happy, that much I reckon.


The spotlight can damage you, the vessel, you’ll see

That no matter how bright a Star you are, the spotlight isn’t forever, sorry.

I see all these chasing after what’s temporal, while we thirst for Forever Glory


His citadel is my inner court not enamel

So any male that challenges my eminent inner male is definitely bound to fail!


I was a mediocre car crashing the medi ah no

I was mediocre but now I’m a meteor crashing through planets my media


I watched you grow only to become an attempted glow

Because your inconsistency is the only consistent thing you’ve shown.

I have grown, 21 and know that every immature part of my membrane is being dismembered

Forever glory is on the way, tell your neighbor it’s a September to remember

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  1. Simon - 3 June 2019 23:47

    This is my inspiration


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