Shadows of The Past

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Shadows of The Past

 by Edward Ukwimi

He has been down this road to many times
He has now used to it
He builds coffins
And digs grave because
The life around him
And everything he believes in commits suicide

These are tears a man
Never cries
Because life can get you down
There is no easy way out.

He doesn’t try to save anyone else because he too needs saving.
That’s why he tried to love her and everyone else
He has been with.

He too wishes
He could re write the past
Maybe he shouldn’t have
Asked her to go ahead with that abortion.
But screw it
Who was going to take care of the unwanted baby.
He wanted sex not a baby.

He dies everyday
As he tries to divorce his past.
There are no saints in this town.

See she her story is written in blood
She tries to be strong
But wonders what’s wrong
With her.

She has seen it all
Sometimes plays the saint
But she’s not
For her demons won’t give her rest.

She has used her body
As source of attraction
A tourism destination for men
With lust
Building relationships that don’t last.

Being in relationships
Where lack of love
Was compensated with sex

Principles and morals are something
She only up holds in church services.
See God tries to call her
But there is no service.

She dies daily
Though she might feign
The deeds of her past hunt her.

There are no saints
In this town.

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