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Sex Lyrics

To do with my physical feelings sensual
Overly sexual oriented erotic
To an unreasonable extent extreme

Loved and abused by many
Misunderstood, disrespected by any
And addicted to by me
Am sick
Am afflicted
Yes, am addicted
Running inside my veins like a sickness
And addiction that brings to a stillness
With no pragmatic approach this is a predicament
Causes me to be stuck as it has no response to any refinement

Its only love making in marriage
The rest just increase mileage
For the married to whom they ain’t married its adultery
Between relations its incest
No definition for the gays I wonder what is their source of interest

It then loses its worth when its aimlessly done outside marriage making it plain fornication
Taking it to another level where one disregards marriage as a holy situation
Cause sex is its holy communion
But my case is different
Cause addiction is not by decision or preference
Let me walk you

It sometimes starts with shy stares
No serious sounds but laughs over jokes that where barely their
The we role play me submissive
You my dominant aggressive

You worked on my body like a percussion
Took good care took the right amount of precaution
A flow
A high flow of passion
In circular
Maybe zig zag fashion

You made music, so sweet, so lit, you hit the beat I ll call you percussionist
The rhythm and base, the waves that you made, my body amazed. It danced cause you slayed, my pianist
And then my blood starts to flow
As if it may clot and flow no more
And in a flash, I see angels not demons
And then I had come
To understand this was not delirious
This sight was glorious
Bands extravagant serious
Locked me in airtight, eliminated fright and did it right and that I couldn’t fight
Now that
That is what dug a hunger so deep alas
I needed a shot
And it dug a pit
Confessions of an addict

You drove me from source to estuaries
To sea level where mortuaries
Operate day and night
Cause one might die from such delight

I loved how I was your little project
The dots on my body you’d connect
Like am a small bitmap
Carefully eat, bite or maybe lick that
Reality was it wasn’t love it was lust
I knew it wouldn’t last
Cause sexual addiction was not a joy but a punishment
Not an easy task but a torment

Forget the sexually transmitted infections or disease get to meet the new set of STDs
Sexually transmitted demons
Transmitted via soul ties
Your soul gets intertwined
And you get an involuntary inheritance of character traits your partner might hate
But then wait
Since you decide to join
In an act designed for two
If only the two
Commit in full
And do the needful

Prisoner by initiation
it was not by decision
forced in by indoctrination
driven regardless of incomprehension
incongruous to my beliefs
a disease with no relief
multiplies sorrow and adds grief]

so, I pray my chains get broke
my freedom has been stolen
am always going round
in need of a sound
solution a permanent healing
to murder a fleshy, trashy act oh crush it
I need divine intervention
With immediate attention
To rescue me from this which has to do with
my physical feelings sensual
overly sexual oriented erotic
to an unreasonable extent extreme

addiction is real

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