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Rejection Poem @ loudink



We fear rejection like kids fear injections.

We fear rejection like kids fear for medicine.

We fear rejection like it’s weird I guess and.

We not geared to face it without six beers and cussing.


We not geared to face it

Without six layers of dressing.

We not geared because yes these six layers of dressing.

Hide the bruises and scratches that six prayers are nursing.


…Six prayers are nurses that hide our bruises and grudges in lit spear confessions.

And …Lit spear confessions, unveil the bruises and grudges
in nuclear conditions.

Nuclear conditions prepare use of the grudges in rude jeers and dissing.
Finally there is a nuclear coalition.


We all go to war with no room for reason.

The simple fact is.

Art…Ists hate rejection.

Yet we are on the market searching for election.

We are nimble hearts in the dark beating out our essence.


But we are not ready for what, criticism will question.

Well…We were ready till that criticism and question

Deflated our egos and egoistical essence.

It deflated our egos now insecurity worsens.


You deflated my ego.

A jumping castle is dropping.

You must be evil for handing out that depression.

You must be evil for handing me out my medicine.


You stupid trick!

You brought mourning

To my lips like the sun when you are resting.

You brought mourning to my lips like a scream for affection.


Now I am calling you a prick.

Why did you tell me the truth when.

Ignorance is bliss.

And knowledge is an injection.

This is a story of….


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