Rain in Baghdad

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Rain in Baghdad

 by The Duke (Edward Ukwimi)

You can’t teach a heart to feel.
But I have been looking for you
Like a man searching for a diamond in a pile of Gold.

Find you then let you go again.
Discover I love you
Only when you are a few steps away from me.

You stayed in the relationship long enough
To graduate with a degree in moving on.
But when I look into your eyes

I know you,
like I wish.

You stayed long enough
Maybe we both could have graduated with Masters in holding on.
P.H.D holders in loving each other forever.

Daughter of eve
Do hear this heart beating the rhythm of love
Hoping you borne of my borne
You could take the dance floor
And love me.

There is some one for every one
You are the one for me.

See I try to move on
But it’s like trying to make Israel and Palestine agree on Gaza
Its war here.
See I feel my efforts are like trying to rebuild Syria after the Russian bombs
Am dying here.

See looking past you
It’s the wise thing to do but
Without you it’s cold here.

Because this Duke is in need of a Duchess to complete royalty here
Truth is I love you
And the thing about truth come back after five years it will remain the same.

I make you happy
You make me happy
Despite the mountains that always stand in between us.
See there only one life
Don’t waste it elsewhere come home.

See with you here
its complete
Garden of Eden.

Daughter of Eve.
Without you here
It’s not a Paradise without a helper
Its Baghdad dry
It don’t rain here.

Come and occupy my sky like the nimbus cloud
Let it rain in Baghdad.

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