The poor Happy Monkey Flips…. Again

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the happy monkey flips again Poem @ Loudink

The poor Happy Monkey Flips…. Again

By MessenJah

“Awww he did another backflip!”

The Happy Monkey danced to the rhythms of cheers of a crowd

“Look at him go! Go monkey! Go monkey!” they cheered as he danced his monkey booty off

He flipped once and the crowd was electrified

He flipped again and the crowd was ecstatic

The applause gave the lil primate a sensation that felt like magic

He flipped a third time but this time the cheers weren’t so loud

He did it again to amplify the sound, to turn the volume dial all the way round

But the more he flipped the more the volume levels went down


So what could the Happy Monkey do?

He figured out a new way to flip

He doubled flipped

And the crowd went wild!

He did it again

And the crowd went mad!

It was unrealistic, it was nothing they had ever seen

He flipped again and they cheered

They then chanted “Triple flip! Triple flip! Triple flip! Triple flip!”


The poor Happy Monkey felt his legs tire from all the flips he had already done

But the shouts were like rushes of energy through him, he was ready for another run

He did it

Triple flip

The crowd lost their minds while the monkey lost his breathe

Exhauated and tired

Drained and depleted

But the crowd chanted

“More! More! More!”


And the monkey was obliged to do more, the musical notes of approval proved to be a danceable tune

And so he flipped

And flipped

He flipped in the morning

He flipped in the evening

He flipped onto swollen feet

He flipped while tears ran down his eyes

But hey, atleast the crowd loved him….


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