Poems by Namara Lwansa

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Poems by Namara Lwansa

Most times people wonder, “am too young to write…” “what if am not good enough” “my writings are to personal people will now my inner thoughts” etc. Well you’ll never know how good you are if you never try to write, or you’ll never know how your writings have so much impact if you never put your work out there. From Loudink to all the writers out there young and old remember…

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.” 

Since Loudink is the best platform to share your works with the world and is a best talent promoter where you find the best of africa, the home of Art, Culture and Inspiration Namara Lwansa a 12 year old from Lusaka, Zambia decided to share some of her written works.


Untitled Resentment by Namara Lwansa

Is what we go through real

The meaning is very wide

These two could crash or collide

Are we sure of what we feel?

It could be a legitimate or fake deal,

Good or bad, will you decide?

All our feelings we shouldn’t hide,

The pain and suffering will they heal?

Many people always deny the fact that it

The way of life sometimes could be hard

Sometimes there are twists and turns

Those are normally for a professional.

This poem to you it concerns

Good luck’ they say in many farewell cards


Believe by Namara Lwansa

Is seeing believing

Because I have seen

I am not perceiving

Don’t contravene


Is everything you see true?

To believe what you see is it wrong,

Even if you have a legitimate clue,

You can ponder the all day long.


You may see something that’s fake,

Maybe its phony,

Now all this thinking is giving a headache

All this is my testimony.

May be once you see,


You shouldn’t completely believe,

Not everyone will agree,

Just know something’s can deceive.



Open Up Your Eyes by Namara Lwansa

Open up your eyes and

Look to the horizon

Look yonder

The entire world is waiting


Now stop your petty hating

And it’s up to you

What you choose to do

The future doesn’t wait

You’ve opened up the gate


Are you gaining in

Now it’s time to

Its up to you and who you’ll be

You’ve set yourself free

No more letting anyone define you

Who  you be

You know that you are strong

You have  known it all along


Then seize the day

And do your way.

You’ve got to start today

Your goal is fa away


No pain

No gain

You dodge the heat

You miss the height

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Black by Namara Lwansa

Open the world’s eyes to understand

Stretch their mind just like rubber bands

They’ll run for sure tell them so under take

Tell these horrid people their wickedness is near


Tired of waiting to be acknowledged

Locked in chains, they say we aren’t privileged

Slaver, communism, racism the negatively affected side

If they were us they’d break as fragile as flowers


This equation for years has been in search for balance

When will the conclusion be reached its always in vain

In the exploitative modes of production

We produce for their consumption


They say a closed mouth catches no flies

Well in some circumstances that saying lies.

Toleration of such treatment

This calls for serious advancement


We need equality peace and love

You say its there

But you look us like you are a thousand test about


You think all that happens to you,

And the difficulties people go through,

Be grateful in any situation.

It just needs adaptation.


Remember that it could have been worse,

What you are going through isn’t a curse,

You wake every morning that’s a good thing,

You can talk, walk and even sing.


In any occurrence try to be positive

Never ever be negative,

Always notice the good

Even when you are hungry and there’s no food.


Never complain about little matters.

Don’t be as bad as those horrid standpatters

Always be grateful whether good or bad

In any situation always be glad.


Sometime you can’t stop complaining,

But let me tell you there’s nothing you are gaining,

You may nag about this and that

That feeling you should combat.


In conclusion I want to say,

Be grateful tomorrow and today,

It’s a good way to live

It is an awesome motive.


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