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Pandora’s Box

by Edward Ukwimi

I will write you butterflies
So that you can teach them
That flying is not always away
And love doesn’t always mean heart breaks.

You are convinced that love must be a bad tutor
Because everyone that tried to love you
Was so bad at it
That they got D pluses.
None deserved a second chance
You gave them exclusions.

Now you sit and wonder if any of it can be real
So you lock yourself in.

So I write you visions
That will make you see mountains of possibilities in the little I bring.
Because here is a man
That knows how to love off syllabus

Love you so well
I will make you want to jump out of your skin,
And refuse to go back in it
because you will just want to share mine.

Will give love a good skin
Because like the epidermis
Depends on the dermis for survival.
My very survival will lean on your love.

I can still write, though no witty words,
brilliant rhymes
Or those lines that make a crowd scream
A poet’s name.

I only have a Pandora’s box
Full of myth
And beautiful ideas of how I can love you best.

That’s my truth

And I have been making love to truth
That’s the reason
It no longer walks naked in the streets
It now keeps comfort in my Pandora’s box.
For truth is what we make it.

So let’s tie this knot
And the more we struggle the tighter it becomes.

So I will write you
A Christmas morning
So that beneath the trees of Christmas
you will find all the gifts I’ve grown there.

I will write you
A cold morning for every instant you have given me goosebumps.

Just know whenever you are lonely and cold
I keep a fire in my arms
To keep you warm

But this is not a fairytale
So sometimes  I will break your heart
So I bought you glue
It only cost k2.50
Use it to mend your heart
Each time I hurt you.

So I write you healing
And if you shed a tear
A rainbow shall be sent to color the scene.
You don’t deserve to cry.

I have been in the lab of late
I swear I have just made the vaccine
That will make you immune to falling out of love.

I might be crazy
But I love you madly.
Here are the keys to my Pandora’s Box.

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