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Dragy – Heart of Gold

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Jefferson - My Culture


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She’s On Fire

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Vanessa – Tax-Nation

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by Gerry Sikazwe We are products of a thought the thinker’s own We are pottery from an idea the potter’s But why don’t we ideas supreme birth? Likeness, it is said, begets likeness   But why do we lack hope We whose existence is the glittering evidence of hope Faith thatRead More »

He Came, He Recited and He ConQuered  

Spoken word poetry has taken Zambia by storm and the recognition of poetry as a talent has seen a number of artists to take it up as a full-time occupation. Poetry is important to a nation as it not only entertains but also promotes critical thinking, reduces illiteracy, cultivates theRead More »


by MessenJah She added to my personal spectrum A walking rainbow that so happened to be straight, But curved on the waist, a parabola shape She was my Cleopatra; I was her Caesar who rose like a planet of apes.   She was the symbol of my royalty, the sparkleRead More »

We Came To ConQuer – ConQuest

A remixed version of the anthem We Came To ConQuer by ConQuest featuring, Josh, Destro, Mwape Mumba, Vermelho Quente, Ndine Zulu, MyCall, Julian Roberts Listen   or ●  

Letter To My Companion

Latest Single by The UnpredictablePoet Listen   or ●  

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