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Alliance Francaise

Lusaka, Zambia

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Nomonde-Sky – There’s something attractive about these Married Men

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Nshakatale Official Cover @ Loudink


Benjie Debuts His First Single Nshakatale Nshakatale is a Bemba word that means “I will Never” Listen   or ●  

Official Freedom cover @ loudink

Freedom II Cold World

Dervin Canon gives us Freedom II Cold World Freedom, a life beyond the chains. The song is used to describe the liberation that has come with the blood of Jesus (the lamb) shed on the cross for our sins. Fulfilling scripture, the Jesus Inspired Music team preach to captives in testimonyRead More »

Crown @ Loudink


by Benjamin Ngwira I thank you Lord that you hear and that you always hear me But now it feels like you have turned a mute ear on me now I question if you hear me? I stood firmly in your shadow of refuge Now I can feel the raysRead More »

Mariposa @Loudink


by Edward Ukwimi Girl with a wide smile Go easy on yourself For people and the world won’t, You are just a brick in the wall It will stand even without you. Don’t let people break you Because if you let them they will get pleasure in your pain They willRead More »

shadow of the past @ Loudink

Shadows of The Past

 by Edward Ukwimi He has been down this road to many times He has now used to it He builds coffins And digs grave because The life around him And everything he believes in commits suicide These are tears a man Never cries Because life can get you down ThereRead More »

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