Only God Can Judge Me

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Only God Can Judge Me Official cover post @ Loudink

Only God Can Judge Me

Euniy Kalos Drops Another Track – Only God Can Judge Me (O.G.C.J.M)

A song that talks about how most people in the Christian fellowship term to judge other Christians based on past behaviors and on past wrongs.



Only God Can Judge Me Official Artwork @ Loudink



See everybody has fallen short of the glory of God,

And the sooner you understand that,

The sooner you accept yourself,

You will know that He’s forgiven you and

You’ll forgive yourself, and

You won’t let no body’s judgment get to your head.



Yo! my name is Kalos

Jaded, Meekness



Heard one too many of the Judgments

Taking ‘bout my life like you perfect,

Putting on a jury, magistrate like you work it,

Taking off the flavor putting mint on my sentence,

I don’t get,

You ain’t God, you ain’t God you just men,

Thinking you can take a fit taking shots on His reign,

Waging war on this mental process I am in,

What’s your verdict, do you take a hold on my purpose?

I hate to stress and nobody does though,

You gave you power to revise what I let go?

Who took the shame and the blame for my deep fall?

You really get me thinking, questioning all your opinions,

Are you the Lamb, the one and only son?

I mean, are you the one, creator of this land?

Do you, know my thoughts and the reason why I did wrong?

Can you gauge the journey and the weight of my hearts mourn?

Where’s the love huh? We hypocriting,

Be a brother’s keeper, don’t you cover up the teaching,

The owner told me come in, why you wana shut the door man,

Saying am a sinner like you righteous than the next man,

It’s all grace, all grace, all grace,

We all hit the rocks when we running in this race,

We regretted, all need forgiveness, all need some healing to recover our meaning,



See everybody likes to judge,

No, we like to judge,

If you check the book of Mathews 7 verse 2

You will see that you are in no place to judge nobody



Only God can judge me now

I know I ain’t worthy of this Mercy am in enjoying,

He forgave me and He gave me a crown

He told me I’m no longer bound

Only God can judge me now

God can judge me now, ×3

Only God can judge me, judge me

Judge me now.

Only God can judge me now



Everybody gat issues,

We all tryna fit in our big shoes,

We all tryna catch what we let loose,

We all want something,

We all regret something

Tifunako ka changing,

A little bit of peace clarity muli thinking,

Instead of you helping me out,

Muli bwetu bwetu bwetu, bize bize bize judging me,

Let me tell ya’ll something,

What I did see you did too,

Enough of the talking see the issue

Counter check yourself before you open up and talk to,

A person who’s doing what they shouldn’t do,

Dust it, a little bit of dirt in your clean shoe,

I see the speck in your eye that you miss too,

Ukamba pali situ yamuzako that you miss took,

Judging up the cover siuziba what’s in this book,

It’s great, the grace,

The feeling you get when you rest,

Your heart and your mind on his chest,

He holding you down when you feeling the worst,

Oh my God, my God, epiphany,

Right now, you too much,

You giving me life in this soul dust,

Holding down my heart in this gold rush,

-Can you feel that?-



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