Ngozi’s Song

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Ngozi’s Song

by Mashewa Nthele

Ngozi my flower,
You make my world shine brighter.

My precious Jewel,
Have I told you that you’re the many wishes I threw in the old wishing well?

If your hands were a house,
Then my heart would always been home.

I love the way you make my world shine brighter,
Let’s grow old together.

Tomorrow is too far,
Tomorrow is never any clear.

Today I shall tell you that in my many dreams of you,
I still crave to speak the words I love you.

My desire,
You leave me so much wonder.

I showed you all my scars,
And you held them up in the sky like diamonds.

Your love is like a star,
Illuminating my heart from afar.

Ngozi my flower,
At the mention of your name my world becomes brighter.

In our love I have planted all  of my youth,
I will love you even when I dissolve on the tongues of death.


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