New Year, New Opportunities

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New Year, New Opportunities

By Jefferson Kapasa

The New Year is a representation of new opportunities to start-over and get much more done.

I have been privileged to learn early enough that the New Year owes me nothing.it is simply a blank cheque for me to fill in what I would like to achieve in my life.

There’s nothing magical about the New Year but the greater part is that it represents new opportunities with the time that we have on our hands in 2019.

I call you to a challenge as we begin this year to revisit the dreams, passions and aspirations that we have and see what we can do to realize them.

That “what we can do” is simply a plan of getting to our dreams, I have come to think that the thoughts of what I would like to do about my dreams expressed on paper is a “plan”.

Most of us on this platform are young people with the energy to dream and potential to go after our dreams.

It is also important for us to realize that our dreams will not just happen we must go after them, I would like to think of dreams as food set before us: to eat them we need to lift our fingers and take the food.

What if I have a lot of dreams and seem to not know exactly where to start from? Well its simple prioritize.

For instance, you could have just left University/College your focus could be gaining more knowledge and experience on your prospective job in order to be a better fit.

The beauty about life is no one is more disadvantaged than the other or vice versa, we have the natural engineering to want to succeed that is enough drive to go after success.

I would like to end this article by sharing a quote by Mr. Dario Chongolo, I will paraphrase it in this way, the 2019 we want won’t be handed over to us on a silver platter, we must work for it!


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