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Shalapo by Ziyase

Following her release of the Afro soul-centric single Fed Up. A composition about someone finding final resolve. Resolve to choose a different life. A worry-free life. A life with Jesus. Shalapo is an appropriate reprise in the sequence. …when most people hear the words “Shalapo (loosely translated as Farewell), naya kumfumu (translated as I’ve gone to The Lord)” it’s usually related to bereavement. Someone leaving others in great distress and sorrow. But with this colorful afro-jazz number is anything but sorrowful.

Shalpo Promo Artwork @Loudink

The new track by Ziyase, is an original production, with the original local yet international feel. In this track Ziyase continues to wow with her vocal abilities and talent. The track is great production with a beautiful blend of vocals and instrumentals. The track is quite addictive and the more you listen to it the more you more the track grows on you.

Its beautifully simplistic and the percussion is befitting. The message itself is clear and deep and quite reflective, can’t wait to hear the final version


Shalapo image promo @Loudink

So remember how we left our protagonist Fed Up and done with worldly life…in this new instalment, she/he now bids farewell (Shalapo) to the world. To follow The Lords path. To praise him openly. From a place of frustration of being Fed Up to a celebration of leaving strife behind and live a life of relief – a Christ-like life….. So Shalapo


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