My Mind, My Enemy

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My Mind, My Enemy

By Chabby Charles

My mind is greatest enemy

It so often confuses me

Makes me question if I love what I say I love

It tells me to frown after a moment of a few laughs


My mind, my enemy

It feeds me negative energy

And sometimes it tells me drugs are the remedy

So I’m often torn between smoking weed, sipping lean or drinking Hennessey


My mind, my enemy,

It often dwells on the past, the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘should haves’

It makes me live in disbelief

That I am not a diamond in the rough


My mind, my enemy

It makes me overthink everything

Like what is the importance of kneeling?

When giving a lady an engagement ring?


My mind, my enemy

A playground of uncontrollable thoughts

Made me settle for less when I could have been an astronaut

My mind…is…my greatest enemy!

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