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by The Duke

I died in nouns resurrected in verbs
That’s why I no longer say it
I just do it.

But you can never relate
If you don’t know how it is to go down the hell road
And try leave before the devil spots your presence.

Look him in the eyes
And say.
Hell, no I gotta make a move.

It’s like realizing the only thing you have is believe
And you have nothing to believe in.

Maybe it’s because
I walk away easily
And sometimes fight too long
Not realizing the battle is long lost.

For life is more serious than a Facebook post.
We laugh at Memes
Which bring out our insecurities.
But when it comes to real matters no one is there to speak.

But still we have enough courage to attack each other religious views.

Yet we stand and clap
Hit react to things that promote sex and relationships built on lust.

Without realizing little kids are born out of such
But have to be raised by single parents.
For no one promoted responsibility.

Their fathers turned into Usain Bolts
And ran away.
It seems insane to even to say it.

But even when condoms are used
They can never protect from sin.

Like ready messages on WhatsApp
But not replied too
God has seen all we do in the dark.
Just because he has not replied yet it don’t mean he can’t …

So if you can relate just say
Hell no
Am making a move.

Am not saying am perfect
Am always the worst sinner in the room
But everyday I spray doom
On my insecurities.

Every time I fall
I pick myself up knowing
Its never over…

I gotta make myself better.
Chase my dreams at a pace of a cheater
With honesty speed.

So defiantly I say
Hell no
I gotta make move.

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