Mother of My Beloved

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Mother of My Beloved

by Maxwell Nkandu

The mother of my beloved, you are a tender soul and a bundle of joy

You birthed a beauty that stole my heart at first glance.

There’s no other way you’d be but strong

Despite the injustice, despite being wronged


You weather life like a fortress in a storm

Attacked from all sides you’re a picture of norm

A sight of reassurance when Wandi looks at you

Your heart may scream out but your face stays calm


When the grey clouds of life come threatening with thunderstorms

You spread your wings and keep my beloved warm.

You are human, at times you do fail

But what matters is in the end you always prevail


You stand tall come lightning come hail

You’re the embodiment of strength

No matter what they say I salute you

Mother of my beloved, your credit’s been long overdue

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