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by Edward Ukwimi

Girl with a wide smile
Go easy on yourself
For people and the world won’t,
You are just a brick in the wall
It will stand even without you.

Don’t let people break you
Because if you let them
they will get pleasure in your pain
They will laugh in your misery.
Not everyone loves to see you

Girl with a wide smile
You understand
Do what you can
In the day
Hunt your dreams like vampires
In the dead of the night
The blood of your goals
Will give you power to live.

Girl with a wide smile
Your beauty is not a matter of eye sight
Know there is more past what the mirror reflects.

Growing up
Need I remind you
That we grew up in a place we hardly knew Santa
Our mother’s made magic in the morning
Prepared the best Christmas
Eat till your stomach taps out
Christmas clothes.
To capture the day.

Dreams you dream
Be the light
The world has been looking for
Just smile
You are magic.

Because every time you chariot of your beauty hits the ground
Fairytale wishes come to life.

Dreams of old please don’t break.

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