Love You Better – Ladin Zambia

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Love You Better – Ladin Zambia

Love You Better – Ladin Zambia

After being silent from the poetry scene, Ladin Zambia is back with a major banger titled “Love You Better. ” In this rich metaphorical poem, he talks about how each person desires to be loved and how they would want to have their love reciprocated. He takes us through an emotionally charged journey of how couples no longer want to save their relationships from breaking. He quenches our thirst with his rhythmic delivery of words. On this love tour, he puts it so clear that most people go in relationships with intentions to just play you like a violin..





Love You Better – Lyrics

In a world where a relationship lost its meaning.
A world where love no longer exist.
A world where women no longer desire to save their relationships but find satisfaction in creating X-men.
A world where men become poultry farmers and rear side chicks.

A world where everyone acts like they are in a football field fancing hit and runs,
As No body cares so long we keep it kicking.
A world where a Phone only rings when it’s a booty call
A world where you are only beautiful
If you display the suit adam wore
when he was hiding away from God.

A world where love is only a noun
A world where everyone wants to play you
Like a guitar
with no strings attached
And even with strings attached,
their favorite will still be the G-string

A world where loyalty is rare
A world where love is a dare
I want to have your back
The way apple holds the back of an iphone,
I want to stick around you like a neck tie.

A world where love is a scam
A world where trusting someone becomes self harm
I want to be privileged enough to have my heart broken by you.
I want to trade my smiles with your tears
As you fake your happiness in a smile displaying your fears.

I want it all.
Your insecurities
Tell me about how much you are scared to lose me.
I want it all,
Your weaknesses.
Tell me about how my love makes your body numb.
I want it all,
Tell me about all those beautiful lies.
Tell me about how you’ve been wanting to name our first daughter as Betty
Tell me about how we would still look young even after we turn thirty.
I want it all.
Give me that kind of love that’s got no curfew.
The kind of love that has like-ah-few
Flaws but still be able to apologize after every fight.
I want to have that kind of love that gets us talking through out the night and yet feel like we’ve only been talking for seconds.
I want that love that makes the clock to pause and hold it’s breath while letting our hearts tick talking to each other.
I want that love that keeps me awake like a witness to Jehovah.
I want the love that will keep getting better with time like fine wine.
I want that kind of love that will make yours and my heart to intertwine.
I want the kind of love that will leave me melting with so much light like a candle

I want that filter-free love
Different from the Instagram life
Where I don’t have to double tap to get your attention.
I want that love where we follow each other’s dreams like we doing it for Twitter.
The kind of love where i follow you not only filya ngaba twiita
Bana chimbusa

I long for a love where we don’t force conversations.
I long for a love with someone whose mouth will be an encyclopedia of ideas of how well we can rewrite our love story like a GCE student .
I long for a love where we don’t play each other like a violin.
I long for a love where both our interests will keep growing with time like a bank loan.

You were Spotify’s hottest single before you became mine
And now that you are mine, I long to refine every mineral within you till you shine brighter than a diamond.

I want to grow old with you and make our story a manual book for love

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