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by MessenJah  (An Extract from Memento Mori)

We only realise how short life is when it ends,

How different our work sheets are as we use different pens,

Different shades as we shed tears over the ‘should haves’,

The ‘would haves’ and the ‘could haves’.


Each day we have is a gift – there is no dispute.

We can’t deny the providence of God with the time we’ve used.

Do we spend it on ourselves? Creating walls over bridges,

Chasms between ridges and drainages near fishes?


So will I waste my life by wasting time?

Or will I love like tomorrow is the end of time?

Holding on to who I can, never pushing back anyone I can hold

For on chilly days, our bonds are the warmness in the cold.


Greeting neighbours and smiling at friends,

Complimenting loved ones with praise that never ends.

Assisting strangers and admonishing the wrong,

Entertaining guests with my laughter as song.


Purchase a gift for the person you hold dear,

Give honour to mentors and keep family near.

Give rightful sentiments to a person of envy,

Forgive all trespasses and pray for my enemy.


Disposing of petty things that get in the way of friendship,

Deciding to be on board the relation-ship.

Never live to regret not loving someone enough, especially where you stand.

Love, my people, love while you still can.


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  1. Masuzyo - 20 December 2017 21:54

    This is really awesome I wish I could develope the little I know

    • Mwape15 - 24 December 2017 20:36

      You can Mr Masuzyo every skill needs to be developed and worked on daily, you have to start from somewhere. Just keep following the posts on this website as we will strive to provide information on how best you can master your artistry


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