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When it came,
It forced isolation
Tore us apart forbade correlation
It corrupted our norms
It forced us to stay in our homes
No soccer, no parties, closed bars
We are like caged birds that forgot how to fly in open skies

When it came,
It forced us to change the way we lived
It forced us to have OCD
It forced breath out of those we loved
And infused PTSD in those who survived
Lives ruined and damaged
Teenagers who never grew up to old age

When it came,
It turned humans into numbers, counting
When the death toll kept on raising
It shattered dreams, an unforseen nightmare
Broken hearts, broken peace, broken family affairs
It rendered us speechless in all those moments of silence
This is deeper than wars, this is deeper than violence

But when it leaves
The day it will finally leave
We shall hug like our lives depend on them
We shall shake hands as many times as we’ve been washing them
We shall bless those who sneeze
We shall excuse those who cough
We shall have quality-time instead of quarantine
We shall no longer ‘stay at home’
We shall fly like free birds
We shall!

But even so
It shall leave a lasting impression on us like a permanent scar

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