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In a Few Words

By James 

The word was love

The feeling was till death

In my eyes she was a rose

But in the Garden of Eden


Like Adam he sinned when I ate from her forbidden fruit

He fell in love with the demons in her

The beast in the mirror but the beauty in my heart is what he fell for

Not perfect for him they said but she was the missing piece to this broken soul


But the missing piece

Broke the already broken soul


I love you

With no doubt he did

But her

She was Thomas

Her love

Was full of doubt


He gave her his heart and mind

So they both agreed on loving her

But he found them floating in the dead sea of her heart

She would cheat, lie and play them like a pawn in a chess game

As she would tell her friends checkmate


I love both of them

But In that statement both was a number too big

It would give a calculator a math error

So we all shared a piece of that pie

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