I Heard You Like Jazz

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I Heard You Like Jazz

by Benjamin Ngwira


I heard you like jazz so I defined you in all its elements so first:

I call you jazz the tune that makes my melody


You are the part of my song that forever lasts in my memory.

Will you be my harmony the notes that give me the beautiful sound and pleasing effect


I would gladly let you steal my rhythm become my heart beat

So you can whisper to me the words that are so sweet.


It’s evident you the Queen of improvisation

You got different styles to your art and sketch out a beautiful expression.


I grabbed a pen to keep track of your classic notes

They say you only bring the blues then explain to me why I keep tapping my foot at each amazing note


They called you a child born from rebellion and oppression

So as the years went by your desire for complete liberation


Finally turned the traditional musical confines into a beautiful an imaginable reflection.

Are you the music I like?

Yet actually know nothing about or will you give me a chance so I can play to you what am all about?


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  1. Rabson - 17 December 2018 20:30

    Wowser, I like the idea of irony. Or I have just been ironed ???
    Impressive works Bro.


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