My Honest Poem, My Teenage Life, Moral

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My Honest Poem, My Teenage Life, Moral

by R. Kay

At thirteen I mocked a friend after class,

The next thing I saw was a fist land between my eyes like a swinging Bob

Suspended to a pendulum with force as a car engine…

Then I realized humanity will not always have familiar feelings in the face of the



Again At thirteen,

On my way to fourteen,

I got admission to a junior secondary school as a fresh teen.

I was given some pants which I feel I would resize even if I were forty two,

And I wasn’t having no belt.

I held them tight the way my two year old nephew would hold his coin.

Finally after sitting like an eight months pregnant woman who has just found


I went on feet with baggy arms.

The next thing I saw was the girl standing close by hold her hand to her mouth

Like she’s seen the Hindus light there fire on a Diwali,

Then I felt the breeze hoover round my legs.

Am a food freak after class, but that day I first fetched my belt and had it on my

School pants for the next school day.

That helped learn to prepare for the unforeseen.


At fourteen, after being poked by my friends,

I approached the prettiest girl in class,

As I was moving,

I felt like I have been forced on a bike,

Which I can’t ride even up to now,

So I went like, “May I have a pen please.”

Then she smiled mildly,

Passed it daintily,

That was good stuff, really…

Upon finding out all I needed was to have a word with her.

I saw her go into ecstasies,

Like she would flush…

I looked at myself from toe to head, don’t know how, guess the reflection in the

Beaming eye helped.

Then I said, Rabson, is a Ruby, a Rose, to someone out there.


At fifteen we could not afford extra lessons as I was sitting for my G9 exams,

I felt like a newly born who has been denied milk and a mother,


To hear the word “extra-lesson” was like swallowing a huge thorn,

It had my mouth teared up,

Don’t know how it curved but my heart was all prickled,

That had me depressed. .

When the results were out,

I had my name second on the boys list.

Suddenly joy drove in, also don’t know how but it drifted all the way to the heart.

If I had swell, it was carefully and smoothly crushed by the spinning tire.

And the dust went on to fill the depression holes.

Then I told myself,

All I’ll be needing in life’s endeavor…

Is grace.

For the gift given graciously and gracefully by God, has no limits.


At sixteen I took part in Zambia at 50 celebrations as a Cadet.

A club perceived to be of hard hearted harsh individuals.

Gratified, the government gave a good gesture,

Of a token of thanks,

Mine was signed for….

AKA #stolen…

Like all has been gotten,

My spirits in the club were driven, Away.

Like the early Christians,

Those harsh individuals had their tokens cut,

So that a brother doesn’t walk away empty handed…

Just as a tile matching puzzle Tetris, a token was built by brethren s

To strengthen a brother.

That told me even those perceived to be the worst do have Grace,

Sometimes we rather need growth than change.


At seventeen I got a high,

Like a real high,

I had strange brothers become best buddies… Not best behavior though.

That gave me a holistic approach to certain situations…

I repeat for emphasis “repeat again,” that isn’t good stuff in school

At eighteen I got some part time employment as a bar tender for two weeks after

Graduating from high school,

So anxious to work as filaments in a flower on a windy day, I had the job.

Then I felt the lives of our Fathers…

How like a prisoner I missed out in most fun during the festive season.

I looked at my joy and freedom in the depths of my heart,

I try to reach out with my left arm but responsibility and priorities had cuffed my

Other hand…

I was literally the prodigal son.

I pondered why am I suffering, But the teeny voice said, “That isn’t suffering Dude.”

I then made a choice, I was a label though.

But it helped learn to set life’s priorities.


At nineteen, at nineteen I had the Church sing me happy birthday during Mass,

That was one of my life’s great experience’

Then I told myself no cake can make me this joyful.

I don’t need a cake to have a good time.

But a wish penetrating deep from the hearts pace maker will do.

Though it’s sweeter when sung.

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