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Mashewa - You Left I became A Poet


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Wall Fence Lover - video Cover post @Loudink

Wall Fence Lover (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Ibex Hill - Medley


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She’s On Fire

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you left i became a poet @ Loudink

You Left I Became A Poet

by Mashewa Nthele   You left I became a poet, I abused words and ink, I molested the alphabet.   I plummeted into inky waters and pages, To repair my broken parts, See I painted Monalissas.   With words, little and big, Some of love, Some of rage.   IRead More »

you ripple through Me @ Loudink

You Ripple Through Me

 by Ninja Clown I love laying all squished up into you My face melting into yours Rivers of sweat along the valleys of skin Between where you end And where I begin I love laying in the heaviness of your exhales Steaming over me like fresh morning fog Taking overRead More »

Woe to he who is Imperfect @ Loudink

Woe to he Who is Imperfect

By MessenJah Forget the bad times from the bad times What are they for?! Subtract the good times, they aren’t in the equation Greater than or lesser than? Wonder which side is the sign is facing Woe to he who is imperfect   The doctrine of empowerment, the theology ofRead More »

Memoirs of a lonely soul Art Work @ loudink

Memoirs of a Lonely Soul

Memoirs of a lonely soul, is an anthology, by King TMC *, of over 60 poems and still counting; he has recorded most of the poems therein and two songs: Words Never Said and Freedom N bars and is currently working on three books: Tears of Pain, A Short toRead More »

She the glory in the stars @ Loudink

She The Glory In The Stars

By Chisala Kataya The glory in the stars; she thinks, The darkened midnight oceans a vast clever depiction of her thoughts. She speaks to them all, Not for herself but to give them the knife so that they can split her open. So they’ll see she’s human made too.   TheyRead More »

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