Gone Fam: An Open Letter To Zone Fam

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Gone Fam: An Open Letter To Zone Fam

By Augustine Lungu Jr


In 2009 I fell in love for the first time.

I fell in love with 4 voices, who rapped as though their lives depended on it,

The way things turned out I’m convinced that they did.

The bars they spit made me drunk,

I swear, these 4 geniuses were a quadruple of 2Pac in his afterlife,

Listening to their music gave me unexplainable joy,

They made the type of music that would make you miss turns, overturn, get turnt, turn up,

And every other type of turn you can think of,

Untill in the end they turned on each other.


On April 1st 2015,

They went from Zone Fam to Gone Fam.


FAM, it’s like you used to be in the ZONE,

but now you’re GONE even though you still make music,

But do you realize how frustrated we the fans must be?


For 3 years now, in a dying music industry,

My eardrums have been dehydrated

Wondering if new lyrics will ever quench this thirst in my tongue.

Wondering why the boys, who rapped about walking on the moon couldn’t even reach the ceiling,

Wondering how in the end, the FAM in zone fam stood for fame and not family.


I swear i thought you had this under contolo,

Simi ponto no,

But what do I tell my kids when they ask,

How the boys rapped about being twice as fly like a connecting flight,

Decided to go Auto Pilot but then crashed Outside the Rocks, Two times.

How Dope G figured he was too dope to be a Gee,

How Thugga bailed on his TIM.

Or how 9 years later young Verbal is still young, Verbally.


I mean, assuming this country was prison,

Do you know how many inmates would sing along to your new songs?

None of them.

Do you know how many cells it would take to lock down your old bars?

All of them.

But instead, you locked down your bass drums,

Incarcerated our eardrums

To an industry who’s music depletes like bubble gums,

And we are exhausted from chewing.


So I’ll ask again,

Do you realize how frustrated we the fans must be?

Is Ndine Chikali just another Boza?

Are you Super Heroes olo ndimwe chabe Vigabenga?

I’m outchea spilling out my feelings, but can you translate?


I’m sorry Mr. Jackson

But Joana won’t be able to buy you out of this one,

Thugga or Tim or Whatever,

How dare you break 14 million hearts and still have a heartbeat.

Young Verbal you can show yourself now, you’re too old to be playing hide and seek to begin with.


In your interview with Hype Magazine you said “We started out as solo artists and eventually became a family. We always place friendship before business”, Ironic.


But the truth is,

Family never bails on family,

And like it or not, we too, were branches on this family tree.

Do you realize?

That when you gave up you didn’t just give up on yourself,

You gave up on all of us,

You gave up on shining a light on this Dark Continent,

You gave up on raping back-to-life the dead-key to this landlocked nation,

On most days, I wish my hands where long enough to reach back in time

To the moment you thought you were not tall enough to stand up for yourselves,

And then uppercut you clowns,

Because I used to look up to you,

But now I just look down,

So do you realize how frustrated we the fans must be?


When you said Ndine Super Hero,

Dawg I felt that,

But what good is a super hero who can’t even save himself,

So now I know that on a scale from one to ever having super powers, ya’ll are simply too damn naive.

So do you realize how frustrated we the fans must be?

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