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By  Suzawaka Phiri AKA Umupatili

The great molder sat in his abode by the great river whose source was his great white throne. Clothed in glory and splendor, he got up and took the clay that was besides the great river and began to mold a soul, a different soul from all the soul. The angels that sat around him were curious, to see what the molder was molding. They were surprised when they saw what the great molder molded because the molder was molding a soul that was different so they began asking questions,

Angels asked,

“Why have you created this soul with a wounded bleeding heart?”

God answered

“I have created him with a bleeding heart so that the ink that will flow as he spills words on paper and in mortal men’s ears will come from the heart. His heart will be talking to hearts.”

Angels asked again,

“Then why have you put 1000 legs in his heart instead of the four chambers?”

God answered,

“So that she can wear different sizes of the shoes of life.”


The angels marveled when they saw the molder putting a painting brush in its mouth, they asked, “Why have you put a painting brush in its mouth?”

The great molder replied,

“I have put a painting brush in his mouth

For him to paint pictures with words

And paint the color of emotions,

For I have created an artist,

A painter of words, dictionary of words,

Teller of stories and a library of the different.

I have put eyes in his heart so that he can see things a normal eye cannot see. He can see worlds beyond the mortal’s galaxy.

The ears are so that he only he can hear the noise of silence and the quietness of loudness, he can hear the voices of emotions. The mouth in his bleeding heart is for the songs that he will sing and the songs that his pen will dance to on the paper for I have created a singer of inks. A speaker of few but many words.”

Then the great molder molded into this soul, rivers of emotions of the different shoes that life has to offer. After which the molded creature lay as though dead.


The angels later asked,

“But is it sleeping? How will it feed?”


It is sleeping and it can only be awaken by love and emotions. It will feed on emotions,

Break his heart, he grows,

Make him happy, he shines

And make it sad, he gains weight.”

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