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Giver her life Artwork Loudink


GIVE HER A LIFE by Empress???


The pillar that hold her has collapsed,

Like an outdated moulding wall,*

The spirit that made her important,

Has shackled and fallen like an extinct kingdom.


Her blinking lamp that shows her path to the right way,

Has been shortlisted in no time.

She is now left alone

Just like one dies and left alone in the graveyard.


Her speaker had stopped the gestures.

Her demonstrator has stopped gesticulation.

She is now left alone speechlessly dumb.


She patiently sat down,

Anticipating for them to arrive,

Those that promise to always second her,

Whenever she is alone left.

All she could see is her shadow.


Tears that efface down her cheeks,

Is a signer of pleading,

She need a life Sketcher,

Give her a life,

Let her know that the fall of a man,

Is not the end.

Till he lost his ability to do things

Rather not that, but her soul.

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