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Fed Up

Ziyase Drops another Single Titled Fed Up

FedUp is an Afro-jazz/Afro-soul composition performed by recording artist Ziyase. It was composed by a collaborative effort of Mark Lukwesa, MIC, Superman and James Sakala. It was released on 18.04.19 as Ziyase’s first official single for 2019 under the custodianship of So’ Good Entertainment – who both produced and published the composition.

The composition, FedUp, is like a peek into the human inner struggles that emanate from life and living. It comments on the demands that weigh on any individual as they go through life. It is the intersection between self-realization and self-actualization; when, on one’s journey to self-actualization, someone becomes aware of their misgivings (self-realization) and makes the decision to let go of everything that burdens and is unnatural to them.

This is capped off with the ultimate realization that the only and true way – is through Christ. That to follow Jesus isn’t to sacrifice one’s self but to become the best version of oneself – the ultimate self-actualization.



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