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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) on Loudink

Frequently Asked Question

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Loudink

Q. What is Loudink?

A. Loudink is a resource platform offering hosting, promotion, distribution graphic design, copywriting, download and streaming services aimed to help artists get discovered and people to experience awesome African art be it written/spoken word or music and song. While offering African artists a global platform to showcase their impeccable talent. We bring the latest and best poetry, music, videos and. At Loudink we believe in positively shaping Africa’s urban culture.

Q. Can I advertise my products and services on Loudink?

A. Yes You Can. Advertising on loudink.net is so easy and super cheap. With over 800 site visits per month by people from around the globe from all works of life you can get your products in front of your target audience. You can contact us by sending an email using the CONTACT US form

Q. How do I promote my Music, Poetry, Art on Loudink?

A. If you are a spoken or written word, a lyricist or talented artist seeking your work to be promoted and distributed on a global scale this is your place and chance to get your work out there. With rates as low as K50 per audio upload we will promote your works on all our social media platforms. We are here to help you through your journey and help connect you with some of the required resources for you to make it as an artists be it publishing, production, promotion and coaching. Contact us  by sending an email using the CONTACT US form and let’s get chatting.

Q. What Are The Requirements for single Submissions 

A. If you would like us to host your works (Audio,Video,Ebook etc) please send it/them in an email as an attachment (in .mp3 format if its Audio).

Send the Email to: submit@loudink.net


  • Artist Real Name and Stage Name
  • A Brief about the Submission (track, video, ebook etc)
  • Audio Track  + Artwork (Artwork  in orientation of 700px Width by 300px Height)

Q. What Are The Requirements for Opening a Profile with loudink 

A. If you would like to open a profile on loudink:

Send the Email to: submit@loudink.net

  • Brief biography (No less than 300 words inclusive of Nationality and Country of Residence)
  • A Landscape Quality self-portrait (in orientation of 1500 px Width by 500 px Height)


Q. How do I submit a Poem

A. Submitting your text poems is free, and you can submit them for possible publishing on the site by sending them in an email to submit@loudink.net 

Q. Who owns the rights to the poems on the site?

A. Poems are the property of their respective owners. All information has been reproduced here for educational, entertainment and informational purposes to benefit site visitors.

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