Every Time The Clock Ticks

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Every Time The Clock Ticks

Brand new Poem from  Jeff Icon




Every Time The Clock Ticks Lyrics


I was sited quietly in the living room//

No music, no television, then a ticking sound that we all ignore and pay little attention to caught my attention//

I couldn’t ignore its persisting ticking invitations that tickled my fancy//

So I faced right in the direction where the sound was coming from //

And my eyes collided with a beautiful clock sitting on the wall tick-talking with a golden arm//

It was armed with roman numerals around it and it seemed to stare at me without blinking//

So I blushed because every movement in the golden arm of the clock was golden wisdom dripping on a honey comb//

Only my sixth-sense could taste it and pass the test for the lesson the clock was announcing.


Every time the clock ticks we are reminded that time is life//

Every choice counts, every decision is final, life is not a rehearsal, oh man there’s no reversal.


Every time the clock ticks//

We are reminded of the finality of destiny//this wisdom make my bones shake.

See I met this beautiful girl that even in the dark she could shine//

As I drew close to where she was standing her perfume embraced me//

And I drew closer//her beauty caressed me and I heard she sighing//I was finally close I saw she was crying.

I gathered my guts and tried to be a gentleman//I asked what was wrong//

When I heard it I nearly broke into tears//

Teared apart was her opportunity for a good education which blurred her future because she fail pregnant while on campus//

Cutting her sponsorship short//

Shortly feeding on her story deep inside I was saddened because her sorrow was deepened by a boy parading in a man’s shoes with an over grown ego//

Pretending to be a man but denying to take responsibility for his irresponsibility.


Every time the clock ticks we are reminded, we are that time is life//every choice counts//every decision is final//life is not a rehearsal oh man there’s no reversal.

It strikes my fancy cold knowing that next year this time I will never be 23 again //

See I was hanging out with a couple of old folks with grey hair// who wanted to be 23 again in their 70’s//

It was a paradox so asked why//

When they spoke I heard the earth shake//

They asked me//

What immortal marks are you going to leave in the sands of the earth for the people after you to read//

Deep in thought I read through their question I was enraged by the wrong things the people before me did//and that was the issue.

It’s like they could read through my thoughts and thoughtfully one of them responded without a sense of despondency and said to me//

Son too many times we stare at the wrong place for too long//I know daddy wasn’t home the whole time//

But at least he took you to a good a school and put a roof over your head//

Get over it and be grateful//

Daddy now lies in eternal peace//

See the dead can never take blame from the living//

Quit living a mirage this is life move on//

Honestly every time the clock ticks we are reminded it’s not about what they did but what we do to make tomorrow better.


Every time the clock ticks we are reminded that life is not a political coveve(pronounced as cofefe) ask uncle Bob he is the reason Christmas came too soon in Zimbabwe//

I mean it’s time to step down from being just average and appoint yourself to excellence//

Step down from I can’t do it and appoint yourself to I can do it through Christ which strengthens me//

step down from procrastination and appoint yourself to proactive action and convert your ideas into reality and most importantly but arguably move on from the pain of being blue ticked on WhatsApp without getting the much needed reply from your crash//

It’s crushing but let’s face it and crush it//

Some choices are a sand castle//

They brood in them the potential to run down your life like dominos//

But dominate because we are domiciled in Zion//a nation where saviors are born//

Ordained to preserve the earth and coroneted by the King of King Jesus//

This world is our colony//

Forget the price of your cologne we smell like royalty//

We are heavens highest investment//

Divinity’s handmade calligraphy//forget the geography//the world is ours and every hour that we expend at the expense of destiny//

The ancient of days will hold us accountable because every time the clock ticks we are reminded//

That time is life//every choice counts//

Every decision is final//life is not a rehearsal oh man there’s no reversal.


Every time the clock ticks and the Christmas bell rings//

We are reminded that the year is about to end and next year really has nothing for us except the things we have planned for//

This truth is self-evident when we reminisce about the past 11 months//review our diaries//

Go our resolutions and monitor what we resolved to do which dissolved in the solutions that we carefully crafted//

Because every time the clock ticks we are reminded//

That time is life//every choice counts//every decision is final//life is not a rehearsal oh man there’s no reversal.


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  1. Shatewa M Stephen - 26 October 2018 20:00

    He who takes time to listen and comprehend to the message of this poem shall grow in character of building the future without much challenges to overcome because one would have gained an intellectual behaviour towards the management of time…..am inspired by this piece of wisdom. the poem is based on realistical livelihood.


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