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Dreams Poem @ loudink


by The Duke

When a black man dreams
He dreams in pictures
Imagination so wild
It jumps on trees
Takes selfies with the monkeys
Explores his God given potential,
Stares at the world and says

I can’t believe you dared to say I come from monkey

Don’t argue with him
Or he will send you a screenshot of his conversation with God.

Apparently this nation is broke
But I hope you all can pay attention
Hope your intellectual
Internet is not taxed
But just in case
Feel free to tap into the
hot spot of my bars.

Because panali panali
My pen is telling you this story
I will provoke your thinking and I won’t say sorry.

Last night I dreamt with my eyes open
Watched my dreams grow old
While so young.

We grew up poor kids with rich dreams
Dreams so expensive
Our parents could not afford to believe in them.

Which made it seem as though they never believed in us.
But our mothers
Had so much faith in us
Their faith alone made mountains submit
Separating the red sea
For us to walk through.

See where I grew up
Our mothers where troop commanders
Vaccinated us against everything if possible they could have vaccinated us against death.
Children of the Black Panther
High five to wakanda

You should have heard us scream in our mother’s womb
Wakanda forever.

The pride of being black
The Gospel of a black Jesus
Because heaven is color blind

But now grown
My dreams take on different faces.

My dreams are coffin builders
Who nail blood nails in coffins
Of everything I wanted to be but never got the chance nor the time to do.

And they read a eulogy of excuses
I had said many times
That I started believing none of it was my fault.

My dreams attended church services they were so good in the face of everyone.
My dreams where preachers stood on pulpits and preached truth.

My dreams where hypocrites.

That loved the fame
And shaking hands
Being in the choir because they needed they fame
Smile and wave

My dreams where black girls
Melanin full
But  for some reason
They hated  there melanocytes
For that melanin
That shaded black..

So they bleached
Waged war against melanocytes killed them in numbers…
But keratin is not strong enough to protect you
Against your insecurities.
But at least you can show some respect to the keratinocytes they undergo
Apoptosis for your sake.

But these dreams blamed God
For how He made them
They think God made a mistake.
He should have added another layer on top of stratum Corneum

So they add foundation as a compensation for that error.

They think there hair is so bad it needs to be enhanced.
But I preach the gospel of a black Jesus
He loves you with your Neutrality.

My dreams
Broken relationships that built it all on lust
Probably that’s why they never last.

My dreams where Barabbas
The crook,
I stole and lied
Truth was never my Friend
I made deals in lies
Tore hearts in numbers
Made vows I never kept.

See people would rather have me instead of Jesus.
They scream every day in there church services give us Barabbas and Crucify the Christ Jesus.

Proclaim to be Christians but never walk the talk
A religion bent on who God is.
Or your Jesus is not real if it’s not from my Church.

But I preach the gospel of a black Jesus
Salvation unto many.

Because he would rather go to the cross
And let the guilty Barabbas go.
See that’s the purpose of the cross
So that the undeserving can have a chance at the cross.

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