Dear Future Wife

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Dear-future-wife artwork

Dear Future Wife

By Benjamin Ngwira

Dear future wife I wrote this for you on a sunny day,

Mind flowing with emotion at the thought of you.

I smiled so brightly the sun had to ask “why are you out shinning me”.

My response was “I just found my queen of the most high decent.

She’s not a proverb’s 31 woman every man is looking for.

I believe God put me in deep sleep and craved her from my ribs.


Another masterpiece of the creator, sketched from His likeness

And sealed His masterpiece with His paintbrush of the Finest.

Her Beauty defined from her identity,

She’s quoting biblical terms, this Love is destined for eternity.


Yet is this Love or maybe I’m just trapped in my imagination.

If so watch me split the sea in 2 so just a few seconds I can stand next to you.

And would whisper words so sweet the bees would applaud me.

Now it’s time I jumped back into reality,

I have my confidence suit on, cuff links of word play with roses in my right hand,


I guess this is day.

The day the walls of your heart fell and I picked up each brick to build a castle fit for my Queen.

Why is she called my Queen?

The “Q” defined her Qualities I couldn’t put them all in one poem.

The “U” stood for uniqueness,

“E” because she is enchanting and once more

“E” for eminent and lastly

“N” defined her natural beauty.


Dear future Wife I saw envy in the eyes of the calendar

When you marked the day I got on one knee

With the stars as my witness and declared our everlasting love to be.



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