Dead Preachers

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Dead Preachers

By Oscar Hamunali


Morticians are also behind pulpits

Applying makeup on zombies

To make them look more alive

By speaking lies.


A little bit of giving and more of receiving.

A little bit of truth and more of…I mean more of deceiving.

Less of searching the palms of the bible

Silver plate of lies… feed on this every week and you will definitely become obese.

Excuse me preacher man, did God attend the meeting where you decided to make your preferences the standard?


Taking the form of life

Does not mean you have life

No matter how clean you wash the outside

Of the tomb the inside

Will still be stinking with rotten bones.

Suite and tie… in the valley of dry bones

Instead of speaking life, you declare glitters on dry bones

Dry bones not clothed in flesh they lay comfortably in coffins

Still dry, dry bones the only thing that has changed now is that

They have been taught to speak and look and attend a one night stand putting on their best attire…religion.

I said just because they look alive does not mean they have a heart that beat.


Beware of funeral directors,

Who teach their followers to follow God with their lips?

When their hearts are busy prostituting with other things.

Bling guides

With audiences

Full of puppets

Who are taught that the synonym of blessings is materialism


Beware they stand as sheep but walk as wolves

With sharp dark teeth

And a throat that is an open grave swallowing peoples mind

And then teach those in the belly of their congregation to follow them more than God.


You shall know them by their fruit

So lazy to look for trees

With deep root

Healthy leaves

And branches with good fruit

We run to shopping malls to purchase fruit

Am I carrying my cross? I think I gave that to my pastor when he said I have to deposit for a revival


Many of us are walking on the broad road because of our freshly thirst for a miracle

Where we called to make disciples or puppets?

Beware of…

Those who seek life behind the pulpit

Those who carry their ego and not their cross

Beware of dead preachers!

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