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by Benjamin Ngwira

I thank you Lord that you hear and that you always hear me

But now it feels like you have turned a mute ear on me now I question if you hear me?

I stood firmly in your shadow of refuge

Now I can feel the rays of the world shinning on me “funny right?”


I still remember it like it was yesterday

When you took my hand at that moment I knew I was forgiven of my yesterday

I was a new creation in You over flowing in the Holy Spirit now my cup is half empty

And Your presence I no longer feel It

I tried calling You the other day I dialed my knees to the floor,

Hands lifted up and head pointed to the heavens but I could not get through to you

I got your texts though,

You said you would speak to me through your scriptures so I can paint your picture,

I must have lost my paint brush.

I was drawn to your word now I can no longer sketch its meaning,


See I find it easier to blame you than take responsibility for what I am feeling

My faith meter was at 1% as I took my last walk in Christ when I bumped into scripture that says “I will never live nor forsake you”.

Just because I found God doesn’t mean I should stop seeking Him

And when I feel like am back sliding I seek Him even more.


I didn’t repent because I was forgiven I repented because I knew I was forgiven

Even in the world your presence never left because you are my Immanuel.

Your super heroes can’t compare to My Hero “He walks on water and easily calms the Storm

And when the said there was no way My God said Yah-Weh.

So I thank that you continue to strengthen my faith,

Transforming me in to this new person

And changing my thoughts so I can know your will.


” Father I thank you that you hear me I know you always hear me

But I wrote this so that they know you inspire me,

I am the student to the artist continue to teach me how to paint your picture”


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