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By Vivian Muluwe


I’m here again, the point I believed I had gone past

Why? Will I ever leave this maze?

I told myself just a few more steps

Like a million times before and you will make it to your destination


My soles hurt, nearly bleeding

Because I have walked half some peoples’ lifetimes and still never arrive

I met a traveler along my journey, they walked with me for miles

And convinced me that even though my soles hurt,

Even though I’d run out of breath so many times before


I still had my heartbeat and I could walk with them

They would help me carry my heart the rest of the journey…

But the winds blew yet again we lost grip of each other

And I’m stumbling through the paths alone yet again

Tears keep rolling down my face with each step


My vision gets blurred

My legs are giving up

My hands are shaky because I realize how bruised my heart is

Its slowly bleeding and I have nothing to shield it with

Because the part the traveler held is all exposed


With every step, I see it getting closer

My eyes sore, only this time what greets them

Is the horror of a place they’d seen before…?

The crossroads….


With no indication of a way out or which turn to take

All I can do is stand here with a bleeding and heavy heart

Scared to hope that the turn I chose will be the right one

My heart is weak, my body battered

So I just stare into space and uncertainty at the picture ahead

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