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Crash and Burn – Phinix

Fresh and brand new single from The Phinix





Phinix – Crash and Burn Lyrics

It was 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon when I walked into my room and I finally found you

How are you?

I saw your ears perk up in fear of the worst when you heard me say I gotta get something off my chest!

Well now that I’ve got your attention, listen!


You’re my inspiration, I’ve always sought to please you.

To see your face glow and have me grow like my feet are the roots by which I’m planted,

To make you frown is all I never wanted..


But see, the memory of my car has been haunting me,

So it’s about time I put it to an end haltingly.

I remember when I just got it, you doubted my decision.

You told me I wouldn’t keep it for long.

Those words formed the melody that my cerebrum turned into a song.

You didn’t get how it was unique in form,

My sunshine in the storm.

My love for it was past the norm

Til one night, I with it, was dead and gone!


Trust me, I knew better than to drive alone at such dark hours.

It was too dark to see, too dark to envision.

My tear ducts didn’t dare to think twice about blurring my vision.

As I drove down what seemed to me, what seemed to be an abyss of a highway.

My lungs exhaled as my chest got pressed against the steering wheel.

The vibrations of the breaking glasses caressed my eardrums as I flew through the windshield


Broken pieces of glass punctured their way into my wrists

Numb to the pain my body endured in a glimpse

I know, I know I shouldn’t have had drunk so much before getting behind the wheel

But I was addicted to every drop that sung tenses, sprung bases, numbed senses.


But all I could taste as my teeth gnashed was the blood that gushed from my face.

As I lay there hopeless, helpless, waiting for the car to burst into flames,

I started to think I was actually going to make it…. Until it finally did!


I died that night when I crushed and burned.

My corpse and hopes turned to ash in turn.

My soul eloped with the ash I earn (urn)

In a flash I yearn and fantasize a greater return.

So I crashed and burned but rose after I learnt.


Then it dawned on me,

I watched life and death both come to be.

Peaceably I started to live after death called on me for all to see.

Honestly, it’s as if my rise was only for me but my fall was for all to see


The car I speak of is a synonym of all I wanted to be

I was high as I drove under the influence of your ill words over me

Your negativity killed my vibe

Your words weakened my stride

But now I am alive telling you to speak all you want to become and see


My heart is bleeding

The words that you spoke were ammunition against my ambition and vision

Left me without hope

Gasping for air,

I am here, astounded at how little me can allow you to belittle me

For I am heir, royalty.


Honestly, the words that you spoke without a care ripped my insides apart,

A part of me partially felt like the parted sea.


The life in me became deceased by the syllables that  your mouth released.

The dream in me became diseased by your sick mind that infected me.

Gasping  for air, I drowned in seas….


I look at you wonder what twisted mechanism endowed your soul that killed your ability to feel?

What clustered your mind that deactivated your ability to dream for real?


Words Have Power.

A power that’s the difference between breath and death, ask the fig tree.

Words Have Power.

Do you even know you have such an ability?

Most of those that do take it lightly like the power of the Sun!

It’s time to switch sides and make failure run when you flex your tongue!


Those words that were meant to hurt me only ignited a flame inside,

The fire inside is screaming for an outlet.

How do I quench this flame with a subliminal Phoenix dialect?

The fury of those flames only quenched my thirsty heart and then,

It’s as if I was lost then found but misplaced myself again.

Your attempts to belittle me are but as ash to a Phoenix, fuel for my rise and transcend.

I see your hope vividly come to an end as you watch me lyrically ascend!


I’m glad I finally got your attention even now when I look at you;

Those doubtful words you spoke into your own life only limited you,

Believe in yourself just as much as I do.

Phinix, you are the man in the mirror.

For you are me and I am you.


  1. Palo - 2 February 2018 13:41

    This poem is absolutely lovely. It is very unique to Phinix.
    I look forward to more poems
    Much Grace

    • Mwape15 - 3 February 2018 11:34

      and you will surely get more thanks for your comment

    • Mwape15 - 3 February 2018 11:36

      also the more poeple like an artists the more you will get to see more of their work on this site so feel free to like this post on top there where it says like.

  2. Joshua - 2 February 2018 16:09

    This is an awesome piece of poetry, worth listening to over and over again. The depth of it’s meaning really brings out real issues we face as humans
    I would definitely recommend to everyone

  3. tenjiwe - 3 February 2018 00:01

    This is a beautiful piece….I loved everything about it….just beautiful?


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