Covid-19s-A-Last-Days-Sign – M.R.K

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moses Covid-19s-A-Last-Days-Sign

Covid-19s-A-Last-Days-Sign – M.R.K


Covid-19 is  the last day’s sign is the poem that unveils the truth behind it,and that truth is not where it came from nor is it who created it if at all it was created but that truth is that it is the last days sign.



moses Covid-19s-A-Last-Days-Sign


This an infectious disease that caused many deceased bagan in 2019,
Corona virus called,
Vivid 19,
A catastrophic horrific pandemic infectious sickness causing flu all through your throat coughing,
Hard breathing and chest pain then,
Death results,
Leaving lives impaired and people in fear,
Tears dripping out and pain infuse in,
Those not infected ate affected since this desease broke out and it’s living people’s faith loose out everyday as they see the number of death mount up,
And,we are affected in our jobs in our schools and has caused us disobey Hebrews ten verse twenty three,
Most importantly the poeple we have lost,
the death it has caused,
The pain it has brought this pneumonia of unknown cause,
Because,some say it was created by,The heartless hearted by,
The ruthless an emotionless person while some say its origin originated from an animal,
O no,but though,
Created or not one thing all I know,
It has shuttered vissions,
It has taken many dreams to the grave,
It has caused death and made people loose faith,
so I write to the faith made faithless to the hopes made hopeless,
We have the God to look upto,
Up to him for weather created or not believe it or not these are last days,
Days of the worlds end,
This covid19 is one of the prophesied signs the world is coming to an end,
And,our God shall show up soon and very soon,
In the morning or at noon,
Or during the moon rise,
The dead shall rise back to life,
In the land we can sing o death where is thy sting,
The sting of death is sin but death
Shall have no strength for there is no sin,
This is the hope that we have,
So this poem is for to show the
Signs of that coming day,
And these are last days,
This covid19 is one of the signs of the last days,
If you don’t believe covid-19 shall pass,
Trust me I don’t wish but worse than it shall come until the word of God come to pass,
So has you are taking the measures put,
Don’t forget to repent and let the message pass.

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