Come Back – Faith H3ro

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Come Back – Faith H3ro

Come Back – Faith H3ro

The walk of faith isn’t always a smooth one, a Believer faces a number of temptations of which some are overcome and some they give in to. The common effect of sin when one gives in to temptations is hiding away instead of running to God who can cleanse us of all our filth and strengthen us to walk better.

A righteous man may fall 7 times but will rise up 7 times, this is because he/she is not a slave to sin anymore hence isn’t expected to just dwell therein but to rise up with a desire to do better and a posture of surrender to Him through whom we are more than victorious. You may be a Christian who might have given in to some temptations, whatever it may be, Faith H3ro is here to tell you that you can still rise up, you can still come back because Christ is still your righteousness and He still loves you.




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