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by MessenJah

She added to my personal spectrum

A walking rainbow that so happened to be straight,

But curved on the waist, a parabola shape

She was my Cleopatra; I was her Caesar who rose like a planet of apes.


She was the symbol of my royalty, the sparkle to my glitter,

She’d make my heart swell out of my chest, I don’t think it can get any bigger.

I became a political figure when she would prance her figure,

All men would stare and become stiff like action figures, because she was worth more than a cheque exceeding six figures.


She added colour to my life and she was my colour alright,

Allow me to introduce you to my wife,

She my black color, my black skin, my black ethnicity; the love of my life – Melany!


I call her Melany, but you can call her Melanin

Oh sweet melanin! The magic in her colour could beat Merlin in,

Any battle of wizardry or the sorcerous arts,

She’s a Hogwarts professor, the top of Dumbledor’s class!


She glows in the dark; her heart glows in her dark skin!

Look at her smooth radiant gleam!

When she walks out at night you’d confuse her for a car with a high beam,

Shimmer and shine, she is the crown to a queen,

And the apple of the eye of this love struck teen.

She added colour to my life and she was colour melanin.


I remember way back in high school,

That she added so much colour to my life that when I didn’t see her I’d feel blue.

She was the kinda girl who came once in a blue moon

So walking up to her made me feel yellow

In fact, I was a yellow bellied fellow, whose legs would shake like jellow but I had to keep it mellow because she took my breath away and made me purple

I day dreamed in math class about how we’d paint the town red

So I decided to walk up to her one day and I said, “Forgive my colorful language but ‘orange’ you glad to see me?”


Apparently that was a bad joke that made her face green,

But even that green made me desire her greener pastures,

So I became a black sheep that was ready to graze where she was.

I asked her to mine and she said yes, I was like “Phew!”

Then she said “You better take care of me otherwise my dad will leave you black and blue”

And trust me I didn’t want her dad to add color to my life!


But I knew I’d forever honour her and forever was too short a time to express my vivid affection.

She cried out that she wasn’t interested in being a mistress,

I said, “I wouldn’t even smother you with kisses,

Till I made you a misses.”


But notice that my poem has been in the past tense

Thats because her dark skin transformed into darkness

It became the root of her oppression and she was nailed with a stereotypical jargon

On the cross of the world’s opinion, her royalty and pride are far gone!


She became the casuality of a colour war; a victim of her own ethnicity,

She now wears her scars like t-shirts that reveal her desire for sympathy.

She’s in a battlefield of colour which resembles a newspaper because it is black, it is white and the blood stains make it red all over,

She added color to my life, but she was told her colour wasn’t right.


Her gleam was equated to laziness; her gleam screamed begger!

She was told her worth and her wealth were deemed lesser

She was told that if a black male wants to succeed he should either settle for average or blackmail

But that is a ‘white’ lie (if you catch my drift)

She’s resorted to having a man of a far much lighter shade than hers to be her blesser (if you catch my drift)

Now she’s in bondage, she’s been whipped and played with by a man fifty shades lighter


She added colour to my life, but now her colour only means strife,

She’s been accursed with Cain’s mark as a birth mark,

And her bites for relevance have left the world with teeth marks

But her insecurity has left on her surface sun spots and bleach marks.


A box on her checklist of approval was left unmarked

Well let’s discuss this topic for ten gospels, I offer you ten Marks

“Why has her treatment throughout history really left such a mark?”

For God created us to be one but ‘Luke’ at how we’ve missed the ‘Mark’


She added colour to my life, God said her colour was just right

I want to have pride for Melany, I want to remarry my ex wife

As long as she knows her dark skin actually shines bright

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