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by MessenJah She added to my personal spectrum A walking rainbow that so happened to be straight, But curved on the waist, a parabola shape She was my Cleopatra; I was her Caesar who rose like a planet of apes.   She was the symbol of my royalty, the sparkleRead More »

We Came To ConQuer – ConQuest

A remixed version of the anthem We Came To ConQuer by ConQuest featuring, Josh, Destro, Mwape Mumba, Vermelho Quente, Ndine Zulu, MyCall, Julian Roberts Listen   or ●  

Letter To My Companion

Latest Single by The UnpredictablePoet Listen   or ●  


I see human life as a ship at sea, a life on the waves and only the firm built will survive to arrive at the shoreline. This generation is so spiritually slob. I wouldn’t say they have stopped believing in Christ’s coming or everyone doesn’t know Jesus cause I wouldRead More »


by MessenJah  (An Extract from Memento Mori) Face the ceiling and count the patterns imprinted Realising your soon death has been hinted. Face the ceiling and look forward to an afterlife, Pondering on the deeds you committed in God’s sight.   The Horizontal Dungeon; the Prison of Paralysis. Immobility withRead More »


by MessenJah  (An Extract from Memento Mori) We only realise how short life is when it ends, How different our work sheets are as we use different pens, Different shades as we shed tears over the ‘should haves’, The ‘would haves’ and the ‘could haves’.   Each day we haveRead More »

Memento Mori (Poetry E-Book)

Picture yourself standing at the back of a crowd of people gathered to pay their last respects to you at your own funeral. Everyone from your relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers take turns to describe their experience with you in one sentence. What do you think they would say?Read More »

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