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Echoes of Betrayal – Anisha Namutowe

Echoes of Betrayal by Anisha Namutowe Echoes of Betrayal is a work of fiction in the drama genre. With an African setting, the novel tackles themes of betrayal, divorce, family, love, nature vs nurture, gender inequality, fertility, parenting, culture, religion, and many other issues faced by couples whose relationships have beenRead More »


Chalo Ichi by A’Kay

A’KAY Features JT5 on this track called Chalo Ichi a Bemba Expression meaning “This World” Listen or ●

moses Covid-19s-A-Last-Days-Sign

Covid-19s-A-Last-Days-Sign – M.R.K

M.R.K Covid-19 is  the last day’s sign is the poem that unveils the truth behind it,and that truth is not where it came from nor is it who created it if at all it was created but that truth is that it is the last days sign. Listen or ●Read More »



IT by CZAR-INKS When it came, It forced isolation Tore us apart forbade correlation It corrupted our norms It forced us to stay in our homes No soccer, no parties, closed bars We are like caged birds that forgot how to fly in open skies When it came, It forcedRead More »


Victory – Mambwe Tha Genius

Mambwe Tha Genius From My Diary ,is back with a beautiful Victory Anthem sharing his heart featuring the Amazing Dinah Zarach on the melodies. No Matter the situation you’re going through this track is for you… Listen or ●    


My Diary

Mambwe Tha Genius gives us his own version of My Diary jiving on KB’s instrumental while telling his story. There’s also some name dropping of JT5 and some others… Listen or ●   WATCH THE VIDEO    

Memoirs-of-Love-and-Loss-post-@-Loudink Akanbi Rhoda


MEMOIRS OF LOVE AND LOSS BY Akanbi O. Rhoda A thrilling tale which focuses on the resilience and strength of love, and even, the price paid for it. Many would be able to relate to Adiha, her struggles and determination. Her fierce love for the child she had against allRead More »

Taken-official-Artwork-Post Loudink


TAKE MY HAND – EPISODE 1 A SHORT STORY SERIES BY MAMBWE THE GENIUS Will I be taken or taken for granted this Valentine’s so he asks? Then he quickly realises he is nothing but somebody she needs only when the skeletons in her closet resurface. Will I survive theRead More »



Tauya from Street Chandelier  and The Wall Between gives us Poka Face. Listen or ●  

Giver her life Artwork Loudink


GIVE HER A LIFE by Empress???   The pillar that hold her has collapsed, Like an outdated moulding wall,* The spirit that made her important, Has shackled and fallen like an extinct kingdom.   Her blinking lamp that shows her path to the right way, Has been shortlisted in noRead More »

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